Janáček Theatre

Atrium, also known as the central area of the Janáček Theatre (show a map) , is quite as monumental as the opera hall itself. First floor is recommended for chill-out and networking since there´s restaurant and cafe. Foyer is lined with minimalistic columns and big glass walls bring the interior´s lightness to another level. Atrium is designed to maintain calming atmosphere and ensure all our participants are feeling great.

1000+ people

By train

Brno is easily accessible from all neighbouring countries: Germany (Berlin, Munich), Austria (Vienna), Hungary (Budapest) and Slovakia (Bratislava).

By bus

It is comfortably easy to reach Brno by Student Agency bus lines departing from nearly 20 European countries. The connection is frequently used from Germany (Munich, Dresden, Frankfurt, Berlin etc.)

By car

You can reach Brno from many Central European capitals within 2–4 hours (Prague, Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest).

By plane

You can use Brno-Tuřany International Airport, but we recommend to direct your flights to either Vienna or Prague (Brno is then only 1,5 hours from Vienna and 2 hours from Prague by bus). If you travel from London, Amsterdam, Brussels, Milan, Rome and other cities, have a look at current offers of low-cost airlines such as Wizzair, Ryanair or easyJet. If you travel to Prague by plane, we recommend to take frequent and really comfortable Prague-Brno bus connection provided by Student Agency (buses depart every 30 minutes).

Bar, který neexistuje

Bar, který neexistuje

Meet the Bar, that doesn´t exist. Behind this creative name stands stylish hearty spot where customer always comes first. Its drink collection is something you can´t find anywhere else in Brno. And talk about the atmosphere! You´ve never felt so trendy and warmhearted at the same time. We´ve been dreaming too long to have a bar like this in our lovely town. Luckily, dreams do come true. Come inside and mark my words – while enjoying a gourmet bite of juicy hamburger or sipping a drink made according to your mood. Don´t ask me how, the bartenders just know! | +420 739 635 932

Bistro Franz

Family bistro treats its guests with seasonal cuisine, fresh ingredients from local farmers and straightforwardness. Modern interior shows majestic skills of Brno´s main architect Martin Hrdina – and the space really matches the way they serve you food. Not feeling hungry? Don´t worry. Bistro also lives its own artistic life. Local poets and writers come here every once in a while to enjoy a quiet glass of Moravian wine or a cup of hot coffee. Sit down by the window and observe the street life. Hey, and while you´re at it, do not forget to order amazing homemade French macaron. Yum! | +420 739 635 932
Bistro Franz
East Village Bar & Diner

East Village Bar & Diner

East Village is a heart of Manhattan, a place full of inspiration and New York nightlife. And this bar in Brno is quite like it! Striped wallpapers, solid dark furniture and inseparable duo ketchup and mustard at each table. Find yourself in a hearty atmosphere of good old American diners. You might bump into charismatic musicians, too. Looking at the menu, everything seems so delicious you are bias what to order, right? How about homemade blueberry pancakes? Crunchy onion rings? Or burger with portobello mushrooms? One thing is certain. East Village Bar & Diner has brought a piece of American dream to Brno. Taste it!

+420 739 635 932

Metro Music Club

Metro is a vivid hotspot since it´s located just a tiny bit from náměstí Svobody (Brno´s main square).
This famous club hosts music festival, jazz concerts and attracts those who appreciate a current mix of good music and dance. If you haven´t been to Metro, you haven´t experienced Brno´s nightlife!
Metro Music Club is your must-go place while participating in the Festival. Come for a couple of drinks, beers and enjoy it´s perfect atmosphere for informal networking. You´ll enjoy the performers we are bringing! Aside from popular Czech bands, there´s also “top secret” surprise from abroad.

Metro Music Club

Along with the ticket, you´ll get up to 20%
for accommodation.

Further information in the e-mail after a successful registration.

Grandhotel BrnoFrom 42 EUR

Grandhotel Brno

Grandhotel Brno is a modern 4 star hotel with almost one hundred and fifty year tradition. It is easy to reach since it stands almost besides main train and bus stations. Each of 105 hotel rooms offers maximal comfort, while there is also fitness and sauna available for the guests. Garden restaurant Le Grand will host you with amazing dishes both from traditional Czech and international cuisine. The location of the restaurant in a beautiful winter garden will raise your dinner to a special occasion. And while you´re at it, why don´t you visit hotel´s Casino later? | Booking: +420 542 518 111

Hotel Royal Ricc

Four star hotel on one of the oldest town´s streets dates back to Austrian-Hungarian empire. Royal Ricc welcomes visitors from all around the world with family hospitality and above-standard services. In its lovely environs, there is a majestic Gothic cathedral, Zelný trh fruit market and Špilberg castle. Luxury interiors of the hotel offer a beautiful scenery of masterpiece paintings and fresco all around the ceiling. Believe me, you´ll rest like kings and queens did here! | Booking: +420 542 219 262
Hotel Royal RiccFrom 72 EUR
Hostel MitteFrom 16 EUR

Hostel Mitte

Hostel Mitte is a true catch! It´s not a coincidence this up-and-coming hostel holds an award for the Best hostel of 2012. The old town atmosphere of its lovely building is almost eye-catching. Stylish rooms were named after Brno´s famous artists of all times. May we introduce you to Art Nouveau painter Alfons Mucha, composer Leoš Janáček and writer Milan Kundera? Hostel´s first floor also serves as a cute cafe – everyone in Brno has already fallen in love with their espresso and homemade snacks for sweet tooth. | Booking: +420 734 622 340

Hostel Eleven

Placed only few steps away from the monumental cathedral of St. Peter and Paul, guests of Hostel Eleven have all the necessary facilities for an unforgettable stay – vivid outdoors terrace, big kitchen, bathroom with jacuzzi. You simply can´t miss a peaceful walk among Petrov´s gardens with beautiful views over Brno – and Špilberg castle is just few minutes from there. While you´re at it, explore one or two of Brno´s typical cafes and bars. The choice is yours! | Booking: +420 222 539 539
Hostel ElevenFrom 14 EUR