Brian Carter

Brian Carter Social media expert, author and speaker

Brian is amongst the top experts on online marketing worldwide. Co-author of the best-selling books like Facebook Marketing or The Like Economy, and finally a contributor to the two most popular marketing blogs. His articles on are read by more than 20 million visitors.

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Social Media Keynote: Trends and best practices 2013

Length: +/- 50 min
14:25 - 15:15 friday

Brian will cover how Social Media changed in 2013, what strategies and tactics are most effective now, and what's likely to work best throughout 2014. Also, Brian will show how diagnose a client and prescribe the best digital strategies ahead of time (both B2C and B2B), and explain which strategies are best for improving each part of your sales funnel. He will explain his Perpetual Promotion Machine and Funnel Force strategies increase your chances of achieving ROI and improve overall revenue and competitive advantages even for profitable companies.

It is about

  • How Are the Best Companies Exceling in Social Media Marketing and Sales?
  • How Do You Increase Awareness & Mindshare of Your Company?
  • How Do You Figure Out Where Your Company Is Blocked?
  • Which Strategies Are Best At What Parts of the Sales Funnel?
  • What are the Biggest Mistakes That Prevent Facebook Marketing ROI?
  • Are You In a Super-Competitive Red Ocean? How Do You Make It Blue?
  • Which Digital Strategies Have the Most Sales-Converting Power?
  • How is B2B Social Media Marketing Different, and What Works?