Ondřej Sláma

Ondřej Sláma CEO at INBORN

Ondra is CEO at INBORN, where he uncovers the power of Internet advertising to his clients. He previously worked as an editor in chief of snowboarding magazine, SEO team leader in the UK and he is a founding member of the think tank Young Heads.

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A year with YouTube videoads in the Czech Republic

Length: +/- 15 min
15:25 - 15:40 friday

Introduction of YouTube TrueView In-stream format into AdWords shifted SEM to the next level. Does it make sense to invest in it? What results can you expect? What works and what doesn't? Summer YouTube Challenge winning agency will share its year-worth of experience with video ads mostly (but not only) in the Czech republic.

It is about

  • Results from dozens of campaigns
  • How much do video ads cost?
  • What matters and what doesn't
  • 100% „local“ data