Michael King

Michael King Specialist of Inbound Marketing

Michael is the director of inbound marking at ww.iAcquire.com. He talks exclusively about his own projects and is not afraid of revealing the data. If inbound marketing is still sexy in November, his lecture will be worth it.

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Length: +/- 30 min
12:15 - 12:45 friday

Google has taken our keyword data and the SEO community has been scrambling trying to regain it through clever reverse engineering hacks. The reality, however, is that the days of explicit intent are on the way out an we must determine a new way to understand what the user needs when they come from search. In this talk Mike King will discuss the methodologies he's developed using different data sources to understand the user behind the search and optimize for implicit intent.

It is about

  • How to Move from Explicit to Implicit Intent
  • How to Develop Cohorts for In-depth Analysis
  • How to Track Cohorts in Google Analytics
  • How to Perform Persona-Driven Keyword Research
  • How to Develop Content Strategy for Multiple User Types