Mirek Černý

Mirek Černý CTO of Futurelytics

Mirek is CTO in Futurelytics - a globally successful startup. He will tell you how to drive more revenue and profit using predictive analytics. You will learn about valuable customer behavior insights for all kinds of businesses.

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Find hidden potential in your customer base

Length: +/- 20 min
15:35 - 15:55 saturday

Lets learn how to segment customers by their behavior and apply only meaningful approach to each segment. You´ll get familiar with how constantly capture customer data in one place and leverage targeted recommendations to improve average order value. Such approach leads to increasing Customer Livetime Value, revenue, customer loyalty and cost-saving on sales and marketing side.

It is about

  • behavior and segmentation of customers
  • how tio leverage targetted recommendations
  • how to store data
  • maintaining relationship with customers