Lukasz Zelezny

Lukasz Zelezny Head of Organic Acquisition

Head of Organic Acquisition in Previously responsible for organic traffic performance in Home Away, Thomson Reuters, The Digital Property Group and Fleetway Travel.

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Effective traffic & Pearson's Correlation in organic acquisition

Length: +/- 25 min
16:30 - 16:55 saturday

Lets learn how to segment customers by their behavior and apply only meaningful approach to each segment. You´ll get familiar with how constantly capture customer data in one place and leverage targeted recommendations to improve average order value. Such approach leads to increasing Customer lifetime Value, revenue, customer loyalty and cost-saving on sales and marketing side.

It is about

  • Effective metrics
  • Where the concept came from
  • Why and when to measure year to year
  • How to avoid sampling data difficulties in Google Analytics
  • Manual data comparison instead of built in functions
  • Visual representation
  • Why Pearson's corrle­ation?
  • Living in Not Provided era
  • Visual representation of correlation
  • Meausrement techniques
  • Software and platforms that helps