Petra Brodilová

Petra Brodilová Product consultant

Petra started in, where she worked as a PPC campaign specialist. After an internship in Google’s European headquarters she landed up in its Czech branch, where she’s currently working as a product consultant for Youtube and Google Plus.

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Optimize your adwords account smarter than monkeys

Length: +/- 30 min
10:35 - 11:05 saturday

How to optimize AdWords smarter than monkeys? Few years ago, there was a rumour circulating among specialists Google AdWords. This rumour said that soon they won´t be needed by either clients and agencies. There were automated tools arriving to the market - Conversion Optimizer, Automatic rules or third-party tools. Eventually, it was clear that this increasing sophistication of advertising tools actually increases the demand for knowledge and experience of those who work with them every day. It is these tweaks and best practices for everyday optimizing that differs excellent specialists from the average ones. Petra´ll be happy to share with you the best of what they have gathered and tried there at Google.

It is about

  • How to use available tools to compare ourselves with the competition
  • Automated tools and bidding
  • Clever editing reports
  • How to test proposed changes in account